Magento 2 : Product Grid SKU Filter


Product Grid SKU Filter for Magento 2. This extension for Magento 2 allows the admin user to filter the product grid by a SKU’s List.


Sometimes an admin user has to make changes for a list of products. It is quite rare to use the product IDs given by Magento because these IDs are not usually taken as reference numbers. SKU’s are used instead. As a standard feature, Magento facilitates product search and layered navigation with provisions to filter by SKU, one by one. This is great, but in this way, the admin user can not be efficient if he has to work on a list of SKU’s.

This Product Grid SKU Filter extension for Magento 2 allows admin users to filter the catalog product grid by multiple SKUs. After having installed this extension, a text area field will appear as a product filter.



  • Expand the product grid to add the Sku’s list column
  • Quick and saves time by finding products in a SKU’s list
  • Add a text area as a filter above the product grid
  • Filter products according to the list of SKU given
  • Edit rapidly a list of specific products by SKU
  • Delete a list of specific products by SKU
  • Ready to use


How To Use

You have to put only one SKU per line in the text area and apply the Magento filter.


Admin Demo 

  • login : demo
  • password : qweqwe123*

Additional information

Magento 2 Version

2.2, 2.3


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